If you are a low-income mother, providing for your family is difficult; making ends meet, making sure your children are in the best health possible, giving them a well rounded education and taking and picking them up from social events are all in a days work for a mother. Almost 38 percent of single mothers are settled at or under the poverty line. Many moms in this position have either not been able to finish college or they have not been able to obtain the degree of their interest. Instead, they got a degree that they could earn in the quickest time possible, mostly an associates degree, leaving them with little finances.

Despite the bad economy and the rough situation a mother may be in, the perfect degree has become easy to receive. Holding at least a bachelor degree will increase your chances of getting your ultimate job by at least 5 times leaving a mother in less of a frightful financial condition; especially when the economy bounces back. The Obama’s Scholarship and Grant program is intended mainly for moms. Under the Obama Scholarship and Grant program falls the Federal Pell Grant, a federal student loan program which was one of the first bills introduced by President Obama for low income students. The amount received by the recipients has increased up to $ 5100. As of March 2010, this grant is now being provided by the federal government instead of banks, allowing the grants to be increased even more; the highest amount a student can receive will increase every year by about $ 200.

If a mother chooses to receive a university degree online instead of at a campus because of time constraints or other finance issues forbidding them to finance for child care, the Obama’s Scholarship and Grant program also applies to an online degree. This is typically the chosen path for most moms for the reasons stated earlier along with the reasoning that an online college degree is becoming more acceptable in fields, as well as the flexibility for where and when they must study.

There are many other suitable scholarships and grants for low-income moms; some of which are most appropriate for single moms. These other scholarships may offer more money than the Federal Pell Grant. Since these are scholarships and grants, a person does not need to worry about paying the money back or interest rates; once you receive the grant or scholarship, it is basically free money.

Acquiring for these scholarships and grants are as easy as filling out a FAFSA and an application at Degree Path to receive more information on scholarships and grants as well as to get connected with various colleges and universities offering numerous degree programs.

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