Now your 17 year old son has just gotten his driving license. You promise to reward him with a car. But, how can you get a policy to cover your 17 year old teenager’s car insurance? Most of the time you will find that insuring a young driver is expensive. However, there are some ways that you can cut the costs.

First, think about the type of car that your teenager is going to drive. Try to dissuade them from buying a sports style vehicle. Insurance companies will charge a larger premium for these cars. They will also increase the premium for more expensive cars.

To lower your insurance costs still further you can get a second hand car for your teenager. An older car is often heavier and sturdier than its modern day counterparts. This means that your teenager will not be able to go as fast and will be forced to drive in a less reckless manner. This will decrease the chance of accidents and encourage them to have a good driving record.

Another fact to consider when looking at 17 year old car insurance is their driving record. Having a good driving record will also help to reduce premiums and overall costs. Many companies take good driving history into consideration and will give you a discount on the premium.

Having your teenager on your insurance can sometimes save money. If you take out an individual policy for them this can prove to be quite expensive, but this will depend on the company. You should check into a few companies to see which ones will give you the best rates.

Some states will ask for some extra drivers’ education for a young driver. This can work to your advantage as many insurance companies will give you a discount on the premium if your teenager has completed a certain number of hours of extra drivers’ education.

It will also make your teenager a safer driver.

Something you may not have considered is your child’s grades. Students with better grades are thought to be more responsible by some insurance companies. Therefore, they will give you a discount for this. It is yet another incentive for your child to try hard at school to achieve good grades.

Another way to save is to increase the premium. Instead of $ 250-$ 500 some insurance companies will allow you to raise the premium to $ 1000 or $ 1,500. This will lower the premiums. Now this will need to be discussed with your teenager, and they should be encouraged to put aside some money in case of emergencies.

Getting an auto insurance is not difficult. Getting the insurance to approve you is more difficult. However, you can get your 17 year old car insurance approved! Visit us at:

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