One of the only career fields where demand for workers is increasing faster than supply, there’s no time like the present to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. A healthcare training school or vocational school in New Jersey can provide training for an in-demand career as a health care worker in a hospital setting, physician office, nursing home, or other facility. Both wage and salary in the healthcare and health service industry is expected to increase more than 25% through 2011, and employment growth is anticipated to create more than 2.8 million new jobs—health care jobs account for 13% of all jobs added to the economy in the past decade.

Health Services Industry occupations are expected to become the most in demand. Consider the following statistics:
Physician assistant employment prospects are projected to increase by almost 60%.
Personal and home care workers and aides are going to see an almost 70% improvement.
Medical assistant employment and career opportunities will increase by 60%.
Health information technician careers will see a 55% improvement.

Healthcare training schools and vocational schools in New Jersey are meeting this need by providing healthcare students with the classes, topics, and hands on experience necessary to take on these rewarding careers. Your healthcare training school, aside from providing a quality education, will prepare you for employment in a health care organization and provide assistance with job placement, clinical rotations, and internships. If you’re a student or professional with experience, a healthcare training school or vocational school in New Jersey can help you transition into a new health care field, upgrade your current skill set, or provide any other classes to fit your needs—you can continue your study for a career in nursing, physical therapy, etc after completing “basic training”. Begin your studies at a vocational school in New Jersey and get a head start into the health care field, or continue your studies for an advanced career.

Vocational schools in New Jersey can help you explore a career in health care—nursing, healthcare administration, medical assistant and more. Career opportunities in the healthcare training field range from dental assistant, nurse or office administrator, insurance coder/biller, office administrator, medical transcriptionist and other healthcare and medical careers to consider. If you enjoy new challenges, helping others, and are looking to join one of the fastest growing parts of this economy, a healthcare training vocational school in New Jersey can provide the necessary training for your future career.

Specialty knowledge in the healthcare field can be gained at a healthcare training school or vocational school in New Jersey and other quality educational programs. In most cases, employers in the allied healthcare industry require certificates or degrees from potential employees—a degree is the best way to advance your career.

For more information about a career in the health care industry, contact a healthcare training school or vocational school in New Jersey about classes and learning opportunities.

Erica Ronchetti is a freelance writer for the Health Care Training Institute, one of the leading healthcare training schools in New Jersey. As a vocational school New Jersey, we provide quality education for our students. We specialize in training healthcare careers including ultrasound technicians, certified nurse aides, patient care technicians, and more.

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