So, you are a single mom and you are thinking about going back to school?

Did you know that you can get a scholarship so that your education can be paid for? Scholarships for single moms are available all the time, all you need to do is apply for as many as you can and don’t give up until you get at least one.

Multiple Scholarships
In most cases you are allowed to take up more than one scholarship offer. So if you get one scholarship worth $ 5000 and another worth $ 4000, suddenly you have $ 9000 to put towards your college expenses. This can more than pay for your tuition fees for many colleges. It will also help cover other expenses like stationary, travel, living costs and more.

Can I Use a Scholarship for Online Education?
Yes, the majority of scholarships will be valid for use for online study. There may be a few exceptions, but for single moms this is hardly going to affect you; 99% of scholarships that you find will be fine for online education.

Here are some quick tips for moms looking for a scholarship:

1. Apply for Many Scholarships
Don’t just apply for one and then sit back; keep applying for more. Who knows, you may end up getting more than one and this means more money for you!

2. Spend Time On Your Application
For the scholarships that require you to fill out a lot of details, make them unique to each application and always paint yourself in a positive light.

3. Don’t Give Up
Just because you don’t win the first scholarship you apply for, just keep going. You WILL get one.

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