You just woke up at 11:00 AM for the third straight day… 4 days after you were given the boot for no reason of your own you are still in that unemployment funk. If you want to get out of that cloud, you need to read the following and make the necessary adjustments.

The first thing to realize is that you are not the only person in this predicament. Others, in situations much worse than you, are in the same boat named unemployment. Some of them are facing utility shutoffs, concern about their food bill… even evictions.

So, let’s look at some ways to get that attitude back where it belongs and make your world a happier place. One thing to keep in the forefront of your mind is that nothing lasts forever on this earth. Being an unemployed person will pass.

Going forward follow these simple steps to keep from falling back into a depressing funk:

• Get up early and when you get up, wake up. Daylight is known to help keep a person positive.

• Dress as if you were going out in public. You may just wear ratty jeans and your favorite torn t-shirt around the house but in an effort to keep you from the unemployment funk, dress as though you were having lunch or dinner with a friend.

• Communicate, communicate, communicate. Nothing holds you down more than just internalizing everything going on in your life. Call a friend, chat with old coworkers, make an effort to share a little something with the bagger at the local grocery store.

• Be your Boy Scout best. Do a good deed… better yet, do several. Giving to others will lift your spirits and make a positive impact on your community as well. It’s not all about you and your problems and doing good deeds helps you realize that.

Follow those simple steps and your period of unemployment won’t sting nearly as much and your interaction may very well lead to a job opportunity that will change your economic status.

Will Stone has offered employment tips and company background information for years to those that are looking to improve their lives. Click here to apply for Recession Proof Jobs or to learn more about what Will Stone offers take a look at his Job Information Site. It has always been important for one to be a productive member of society and one way is to have a positive impact as either an employer or employee and Will does all he can to offer aid to those with the same though process.

6 Lifehacks to Make Money Even When You Are Unemployed

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We have no doubt that you are putting in a lot of hard work and time into your job hunt, and that your job search is starting to feel like you already have a full-time job. But, there is one downside here; you are not getting paid to search for a new job. If you are currently unemployed, you may be experiencing some stress and that can even cause some definite problems, because after all, you need to pay those bills that are piling up.

Do not worry, because finding a new job is not your only option to bring money home. There are several quick, easy and different ways to bring home some extra cash while you are still looking for that dream job. We bet that you are getting curious, and if you are, keep reading to find out more about the lifehacks that’ll help you make money even if you are currently unemployed.

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