5 Retirement Myths
What’s therefore laborious concerning retirement? Several folks have asked us this question. Well, if it’s so straightforward, then why do forty one% of retirees 5 years out say retirement was the most tough transition of their life? Currently they’re unhappy- and tell us their life was better once they were operating!
You’ll be able to avoid this fate. To be told how, you need to understand the difficulties associated with this transition, starting with why there are so many negative associations with the entire concept of “retirement” which you’ll not consciously understand.
The word “retirement” comes from the previous French verb, “retyrer” that suggests that “to go off into seclusion.” If you research the word today in Webster’s, a number of the synonyms you may realize are:
o Withdrawal
o Retreat
o Seclusion
o Departure
o Regression
Who would wish to try and do any of that? So it is not shocking that we all most likely have several unconscious negative associations with retirement. We have a tendency to do not want to feel previous and irrelevant, and we tend to don’t want to regress, however often our folks’ retirement was followed shortly by demise and death. We have a tendency to definitely want to deny the inevitable, and denial can become terribly powerful as a result of we have a tendency to do not consciously realize we have a tendency to do it! And who’s going to rigorously plan for something we’re rigorously avoiding considering?
Denial of the importance of coming up with for retirement has led to 5 very common retirement myths.
Myth one is that retirement isn’t here currently, therefore there’s no reason to think about it and seriously set up for it. “I will think concerning that tomorrow.”
We have a tendency to decision this myth, the “Scarlet O’Hara” myth.
Myth two is the assumption that retirement is really simple. No massive deal. I will simply stop working and everything will be fine. What is therefore hard about that? Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. We call this myth, the “Homer Simpson” myth.
Myth three holds that retirement can be nice because it will be one, long, happy vacation. Bear in mind those 3 weeks we tend to spent in Florida or Hawaii? The remainder of my life is going to be just like that. However retirees realize out terribly soon that leisure is only relaxing and rejuvenating when it’s a counterbalance to some sort of routine. We tend to call this myth, the “Carnival Cruise” myth.
Myth four is most likely the foremost common myth, and it expresses the belief that your retirement can be wonderful if solely you have enough money. This myth is perpetuated by the advertisements of the many financial services firms and by the very fact that, in America, we tend to are becoming increasingly accountable for our own money independence after work. This is often not to mention that finances are not important. They are. However solely as a means that to an end. Thus we have a tendency to decision this myth, the “King Midas” myth.
Myth 5 is the foremost fascinating of all. This myth holds that I’m just going to like spending tons and tons of time with my spouse or life partner. We have been waiting practically all our lives to have all this wonderful time along! Now finally we tend to will do it! And we call this myth,
“King Henry the eighth!”
Therefore now that you know what the five commonest retirement myths are, what do you do to dispel them? In our book, “Your Retirement, Your Approach,” we tend to justify the method for getting past denial and really participating in creating a retirement that will complement your own temperament and conjointly mesh well with those who can share your retirement journey. It’s a method which begins with understanding why retirement is such a troublesome transition and then taking steps to avoid or minimize these difficulties through planning intelligently to form your ideal retirement life.
As an example, the value of denying that retirement will change your relationship together with your spouse or life partner (myth five) is revealed by the statistic that individuals 55 and over currently have the HIGHEST divorce rate in the US.
Written by a psychotherapist and a monetary/strategic planner, “Your Retirement, Your Manner” presents a brand new, artistic and innovative approach to planning for retirement. It offers a step-by-step curriculum with three essential components: (1) preparing psychologically for modification through analyzing your own personality and what makes you content, satisfied and fulfilled, and then (a pair of) building on that data to make your own personalised “NewLife” retirement plan, together with obtain-in from those who can share your journey, and then finally (3) reorganizing your finances to support your new lifestyle. And as a result of things don’t invariably go in step with set up, we offer you some tips at the top for managing your life in retirement toward satisfaction and fulfillment.

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