Have you seen people suddenly becoming rich and having a high standard of living? You always think that they’ve found some treasure or try and understand what their secret of success is.
Well they are micropreneur’s. A micropreneur is a business entrepreneur who is willing to accept the risk of starting and managing the type of business that remains small, allows them to do the kind of work they want to do and offers them a balanced lifestyle.

Here are 5 small business ideas that you can consider:

1. Mobile/TV/DVD repair: If you are an electronic geek and have knowledge about the different parts of a gadget, you can assist people and repair their electronics. It’s a service that you can begin to provide at a minimal cost and then expand your business and keep employees.

2. Parking Space Rentals: If you own a big bungalow and have a drive way or a plot somewhere, you could give it as a space for parking. The number of cars all over the world is increasing four fold. Parking is always going to remain a problem. You could rent out the space you own for parking.

3. Postcard Mailer: You could hand deliver postcards to people in the same state. Though emails have taken over postcards but some people still believe in sending handmade cards and postcards to near and dear ones. Sending it by post takes a lot of time. You could do the needful for people.

4. Plant Display, Watering and Care Service: If you enjoy gardening, you can display your plants. You can sell them and also provide services to people to take care of their plants. You can sell the plants to people but remember that you will need to provide after sale services.

5. Contractor Referral Service: You could help people find contractors. It is hard to reach contractors. You could build a link with some contractors and work as a


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