Making the choice to attend an online high school can offer great benefits for a variety of student (military families, Performing Artists, Advanced Students, Home School Students, etc.); the following information can assist you in selecting a quality school that fits your requirements.

Online High School Accreditation

When it comes to education there are a variety of accreditation types that are not viewed equally. The type of accreditation an online high school has can make the difference between credits being accepted by another high school as a transfer student, getting into a particular college, and the recognition of the schools diploma and transcript by an employer or government agency. Regional accreditation through one of the following six agencies offers the most widely accepted form of accreditation in the nation:

The Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
The New England Association of Schools and Colleges
The Western Association of Schools and Colleges


The curriculum offerings and method of course delivery of a school make a significant impact on the overall satisfaction and success of each student. Curriculum that meets or exceeds national and state standards helps to prepare students for the next phase of their education.

Course delivery

Is the course content delivered web-based or text-based? Are course self-paced or scheduled with deadlines? Web-based courses can offer video, audio, interactive activities, virtual labs, and a variety of multi-media options that can suit a wide variety of learning styles.

Student support

What type of support will a student receive throughout each course? Selecting a program that offers easily accessible support through “live” chat, phone, email, and web-conferencing can provide the needed assistance to your student.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Even after researching a school it can be difficult to be certain it will be a good fit. Choosing a program that offers an easy cancellation policy or money back satisfaction guarantee makes it simple to avoid wasting your time, money, and resources on an education program that is not suited for you student.

Lance Bertola is an online education specialist. Click here to learn more about the online high school diploma offered by Park City Independent Online High School.

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