One of the most popular work at home job is typing. A lot of people want data entry jobs, but they very rarely exist. There are other alternatives to the highly sought after data entry jobs and you will see how these typing jobs can be a lucrative way to work from home.

A popular typing job is general or legal transcription. If you can type at least 60 wpm with accuracy, have a good ear, good command of the English language and very good vocabulary skills; good spelling and good usage of punctuations and this sounds like you then it could be a worthwhile career to look into.

On the other hand, medical transcription requires specialized training, skills and extensive experience. Most times it’s required you have to work on-site for at least a year or more before you can transition to working at home.

Proofreading and researching skills are also a plus so you can edit your own work and be a savvy researcher when necessary. It will make the job a lot easier if you have the skills and know-how of using the required transcription software and any other computer software program to help you work faster.

There is an investment if transcribing is what you want to do. You are required to have a foot pedal, headset and a reliable high speed internet access.

You can become a freelance writer for a variety of sites like content mills, private clients, blogging, greeting card companies and so forth. If you’re writing for the web, it’s a good idea to learn about search engine optimization. Writing isn’t for everyone, but it’s a popular choice and they’re plenty of writing jobs around.

Forum Posting
Forum posting isn’t as lucrative as the other options here and it doesn’t require a whole lot of experience.

Basically if you can type an informative and engaging post with good grammar and spelling, forum posting a good egg to have in your basket.

Online Expert Advisors
An online expert advisor or internet guide is someone who answers inquiries from people. It’s like Google search engine, but with a human touch to it. Depending on the company some require two years or more of research-related experience while others require good researching skills. Regardless you should have excellent grammar and spelling; fast and accurate typing skills with a positive, upbeat attitude.

Website Testers
Website testers’ review and test websites for ease of use and functionality. This takes anywhere between 10-20 minutes to review and then you are required to answer some questions. High speed internet connection is necessary. You should always write well.

Look here for a complete list of typing jobs that include data entry, transcription, forum posting, mock jury and more.

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