The Federal Government through the efforts of President Barrack Obama is encouraging moms to return to school and finish their education. In pursuing such a project, the government bestows upon deserving moms grants based on their financial capacity. The goal being to afford to deserving grantees scholarships which would help them achieve their goals.

As we all know, being a mother is not an easy deal. She will put herself behind for the advancement of her spouse’s career or would always put first the well-being of her children. It is apparent that single moms exert immense efforts in order to provide for her children. They often get two or more low-paying jobs just to compensate for their needs. Their dream of having a better life by having a college degree cannot come into realization as they do not have the money to pay for that dream.

The Obama Administration has raised the amount granted to scholars of the Pell Grant to the sum of $ 5500, an amount sufficient enough to pay for the dream of a better future. The Pell Grant is a scholarship awarded to deserving individuals prioritizing working mothers. Unlike any other grant, the Pell Grant requires no repayment, so a grantee would never be bothered of paying the government back after she has finished her education. The advancements of information technology has also paved way to online education, making education for moms hassle-free as it takes place in the comforts of ones home.

Applying for a Pell Grant is free of charge. It is done online by filling up an online form called Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. Through this, the applicant is assessed based on her eligibility and financial capability.

Having an education or obtaining a college degree is a way of security. The economy is an unpredictable water, we will never know its tides and waves. So better get a stable job so that one may not be so drastically affected by sudden changes of the economy. A mother who has no other desire but the well-being of her child and the security of her family should think of getting an education. The Pell Grant is the vehicle for reaching her dreams.

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