Hi Youtube, so I’m a CNA turned nurse so I’ve been there done that and here is my take on a day in the life of a CNA. This is just a general overview as it pertains to long term care. There is so much more to this profession and I will have more videos to follow in this series on #ThatCNALife.

I was a bit tired in this video (when is anyone working in the healthcare field not tired) so this video may seem a lil all over the place but I’m sure that my message will come across to you all clearly.
Here are the highlights:
1. Do rounds with the oncoming and off going shift
2. Communicate abnormalities to nurses ASAP
3. Tell your patients who you are and show that you are there for them.
4. Get to know your patients.
5. Be proud of what you do, your job adds value and even happiness to the lives of others. A good CNA is a TRUE asset to any company. YOU make the difference.

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My thoughts about becoming a CNA before becoming a Nurse
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