Many people are looking for extra ways to earn income, now that the crises has hit so many. There is money to be made on the internet, but it will not happen overnight and any scheme that you come across that promises you it will is lying to you.

It takes work and determination.

Having said that, there are ways to make your work easier.

One of them is what is called a funded proposal. Typically, any funded proposal will contain what every person will need anyway to start up on the internet.

If you are going to be doing well, you will need to build a list. This is simply a list of email addresses of people that are looking for your opportunity. On it are people that have opted into your list (which means they consciously give you their email address for you to be able to mail them the information. Otherwise you will be accused of sending SPAM).

To do this, you need an autoresponder and several listbuilders.

Also, you will need training in how to find your way around the internet jungle.

A good funded proposal will have all this incorporated within the system.

It works as follows.

First, you join the system.

Then you get an autoresponder and sign up for the listbuilders that are incorporated in the system. An autoresponder will always cost you money, most of the listbuilders can be joined for free, but the worth is in the upgrade where you can send more mails to more people that are looking for your opportunity.

After you had a look at the training (please do yourself a favor and get a good look at it), you start following the advice and start advertising.

You then start advertising your scheme on your listbuilders. People like you will join the system and that accomplishes several things.

One: You will get their email adress and thus start building your list.

Two: If they decide to go with the system, they will need an autoresponder and several listbuilders and training. They will sign up under you and you get commission. You get commission on the system, on the autorespnder, on the listbuilders etc.

Three: The system advertises the autoresponder, the listbuilders and the training for you (they typically follow up with people that have shown interest through the autoresponders that is built into the system). The only thing you have to advertise is the system.

The income that you earn this way you can either withdraw (not a smart move if you are just starting) or reinvest by advertising your own opportunity on more expensive ways of advertising, like google adwords. This will speed up the traffic to your website and help your sales. Even if you only advertise your funded proposal (if you do not have your own product website), you can make money this way. If you’re serious about it, check out a few of these systems. I wish you lots of success in whatever you hope to accomplish

This funded proposal has helped me greatly getting started. The training is comprehensive and very helpful and the affiliate income very good.

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