Losing weight on the 6 Week Body Makeover is easy as long as you follow the instructions in the program. Most people who complain about this weight loss plan have not followed the diet and wonder why they have failed. Here are a few tips to accelerate your fat loss using the Michael Thurmond diet. Remember, this article will review only a sample of what the diet has to offer.

Water consumption is a crucial part of fat loss. Drinking water is one of the most important aspects of any weight loss program. Water is so important to your body. You can live for weeks without food, but you can’t live a few days without water. This may sound strange, but drinking water helps you eliminate water retention. When you have a steady flow of water in your body, you will actually eliminate water weight.

Water is your way of eliminating waste in your body. Try to drink at least one hundred ounces of water per day. The best way to stay hydrated is to keep a large water bottle with you at all times. You can take sips of water all day when you’re driving, in at work, exercising and sitting on the coach. Drinking a consistent amount of water is almost as important as your eating program.

Many people do not like drinking water and prefer to drink diet beverages, juices and coffee. If you have problem drinking water, you can add flavor to your water by making iced tea (with no sugar) or lemonade (with real lemons and Splenda). If you really crave something sweet to drink, you can drink a diet soda, but you should moderate how much diet soda you drink as there is a high amount of sodium in each can. Also, if you drink too much diet soda, you will retain water, which is the last thing you want when trying to lose weight.

Here are drinks you should avoid:

Powdered or dried coffee creamer
fruit and vegetable juice
health food shakes
alcoholic beverages
sports drinks

All of these drinks either have a high amount of calories, sugar, sodium or both. These ingredients will slow down your metabolism and will cause you to lose weight at a slower rate. Go back to drinking water to lose the maximum amount of weight on the six week body makeover.

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