There are different types of accidents that can happen in the day to day life. One of the most common forms of accident is accident at work. Anyone can be a victim of this and the statistics show that the number of death the results from this is not quite low. This accident can sometime be caused by the negligence of the worker and sometime by the authority where safety measures are not taken. The worker is sometime not sure of making a claim for the compensation though it is his right to claim if the fault is on the part of the authority. Many fear that they will lose their job if they make a claim. It is advisable to check the contract document for the provision of such claim. Most of the companies have insurance for this and thus do not need to pay anything from their pocket. If the accident is major then you must inform health and safety executive and know about the procedure of making the claim. You may again feel that there are safety measures that need to be taken by the company to avoid any accident at work. You need to inform the company about it too. To get compensation your need proper documentation of all the events that took place. You must record the place and the reason of the injury and also keep your medical document intact. This is important because you need to prove that you were injured due to the accident and it will also help the authority to calculate the amount that you needed to pay for medical help. If you have suffered some wedge loss you can claim for that as well. Getting a compensation for your injury is your right and you deserve to have a say for yourself.

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