According to a number of trusted contacts, the HTC Desire HD is not far off; in fact we could be seeing it within the next week or so. Much has been rumoured about the phones potential spec list with the words “Full 1080p HD” and “Android 2.2 Froyo” being mentioned. It is also rumoured to have high resolution display on the plus side of 4 inches and a mammoth amount of processing power.

Though few images have been officially released there have been whispers of a full alloy body, like the Legend and a 4.3 inch WVGA screen with capacitive technology. But others believe the screen could pushing for a higher resolution, perhaps rivalling the Retina Display no the iPhone 4. As standard the Desire HD will come with a selection of proximity and axis sensors along with the volume changer and accelerometer found on other HTC models.

Questions have been raised over the particular OS the Taiwanese firm have gone for with the Windows 6.5 option having its name thrown about, but god willing HTC have stuck with Androids 2.2 Froyo OS which, teamed with the impressive 1GHz SnapDragon CPU and 1GB of RAM will provide a super fast and super slick user experience. Multi-tasking will be second nature to the phone while web browsing and social networking will probably be a smoother experience compared to a desktop PC.

If the rumours are correct the 8MP camera will be capable of full HD video in 1080p at about 30fps, and spectacular high resolution stills will also be possible, there will be tons of image editing and settings tools to play with while both AF and flash will come as standard. There will no doubt be sharing possibilities with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube while GPS will support the Desire HD’s Google navigation apps and HTC’s Footprints app. Typical of most Android phones, 3G and Wi Fi will both feature on the phone while access to the Android Market will allow additional apps and software updates to be downloaded.

The Desire HD will undoubtedly be packing enhanced Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP for wireless hardware communication while a microSD slot allows for external memory upgrades up to 32GB. The music player will support multiple formats and FM radio, and the video player will provide smooth playback in multiple formats and an option for big screen playback via an HDMI cable. It is highly likely that the Desire HD will feature similar features to the bog standard Desire. There will be a dedicated SNS page (FriendStream) for Facebook and Twitter info while the seven screen system will also probably remain.

There has been a real buzz around this phone since the first, full blooded rumours where leaked a month ago. Whether any of the information in this article is true, or if it is just Chinese whispers, the actual release of the Desire HD is an exciting prospect, almost as exciting as when the first images of the iPhone 4 where released. Watch this space for more information as it comes.



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