An accountant’s job entails working to make sure that business companies and individuals are keeping good records and paying taxes properly and on time. Though the accountant job description for some accounting positions might be simple, other accountant job descriptions don’t seem to be quite as clear because of the quantity of duties that are required.
In general, an accountant performs important functions to businesses, plus people, of all types by giving a terribly big selection of business and accounting services, together with public, management and government accounting, also internal auditing. These four major fields of accounting, and additionally to having at least a bachelor’s degree, every incorporates a separate accountant job description.
1. Public Accountant
A public accountant job description can be summed up in what most people envision as “typical” accountant’s work. It involves performing a broad range of accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting activities for their purchasers, which might be companies, governments, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. Specialties in public accounting are often chosen. For instance, a public accountant might select to target tax matters, like advising companies about the tax benefits and disadvantages of certain business decisions and preparing individual income tax returns. Other public accountants might select areas like compensation or employee health care advantages, or may design accounting and data processing systems. Still alternative public accountants could choose to concentrate on auditing monetary statements and inform investors and authorities that statements have been properly prepared and reported. Public accounts are usually Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and typically own their own businesses or work for public accounting firms.
2. Management Accountant
Another accountant job description is that of a management accountant. Conjointly called a value, managerial, industrial, company, or private account, management accountants record and analyze the financial info of the companies for which they work. The management accountant job description includes an in depth listing of responsibilities, like budgeting, performance analysis, value management, and asset management. Management accountants are typically a half of government teams involved in strategic designing or the event of new products, where they analyze and interpret monetary data that corporate executives want in order to make sound business decisions. They additionally prepare monetary reports for alternative groups, as well as stock holders, creditors, regulatory agencies, and tax authorities. Management accountants are usually a part of an accounting department, utilized a massive company, and might work in many areas that may embody monetary analysis, coming up with, budgeting, and value accounting.
3. Government Accountant
A government accountant works in the public sector, maintaining and examining the records of presidency agencies and auditing personal businesses and people whose activities are subject to government regulation and/or taxation. This accountant job description, whereas detailed, is abundant a lot of specialized. Government accountants are employed by Federal, State, or local governments, and work to ensure that revenues are received and expenditures are created in accordance with laws and regulations. Those utilized by the Centralized could work as Internal Revenue Services agents or in monetary management, monetary institution examination, or budget analysis and administration.
4. Internal Auditor Accountant
The accountant job description of an inside auditor will essentially be summarized by the task title. Internal auditors verify the accuracy of their organization’s internal records, and check for mismanagement, waste, or fraud. It is an increasingly important area of accounting, because internal auditors examine and evaluate their firms’ money and data systems, management procedures, and internal controls to confirm that records are accurate and controls are adequate to shield against fraud and waste. They conjointly review company operations, evaluating their efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with company policies and procedures, laws, and government regulations. The accountant job description of an indoor auditor will vary with totally different corporations, and might embrace job duties like electronic knowledge processing, environmental auditing, engineering, legal auditing, insurance reviews, banking, and health care auditing.
Accountants in all four areas will work for an organization, or can be employed by an accounting firm, which would in flip be employed by a company for consulting. An accountant can additionally be self-utilized, and offer accounting services to people, businesses, or both.
Most accounting jobs include an accountant job description that needs a bachelor’s degree, at minimum, in accounting or a related field, and a few accountant job descriptions may embody the requirement of a master’s degree or Certified Public Account (CPA) certification, obtained through a four-part, Uniform CPA Explanation ready by the Yankee Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). While the 2-day CPA examination is rigorous, and solely regarding 25 % of these taking the exam pass each part they attempt, CPA certification will greatly assist in the rate of pay received, and in most states, the examination will be taken in 2 components, which could assist in making ready for and passing the exam.
Consistent with the United States Department of Labor, employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow at a faster than average rate, for all accounting occupations from all accountant job descriptions mentioned, through the year 2014. This is often due to an increase in the quantity of businesses nationwide, changing money laws and rules, and increased scrutiny of company finances. Additionally to these reasons for brand spanking new accounting jobs gap up, there can additionally be a want to exchange accountants and auditors who will retire or transfer to other occupations.
The field is additionally turning into a lot of specialised because of technology and new, accurate accounting and auditing software experience becoming a vital addition to an accountant job description. An accountant job description might embody, in addition to educational and technological necessities, sturdy interpersonal and communication skills, merely because of the very fact that the majority accountants work on groups with others from completely different backgrounds, and can need the ability to speak accounting and money information clearly and concisely.

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