Humor has the power to transform an ordinary product into a fun experience for the entire room. I recently saw an ad for Red Stripe “Jamaican Beer the Great” who delivers a memorable message rare.

Representative of Jamaica is dressed in black tuxedo and said, “-.. Red Stripe beer bottle in a short stubby ugly If people feel bad look good next to the Red Stripe”

He talks to a man who sits next to him: “You, sir, do you mean you’re ugly?
(Pause) You are very ugly! “

The man who sits down to answer a bit ‘confused, “Well, I do not know …”
The spokesman gave him a beer and said, “Here are these Red Stripe.”

He says: “Okay.”

Spokesman said: “Look, you’re beautiful!” (Of course, that means, while maintaining the beer this former “ugly” man is transformed to be beautiful.)

Spokesman said enthusiastically: “Red Stripe Beer is beer Hooraaaayy.!”
Cheers man, “Long lives the beer.”

A spokesman at the end add “… says the beautiful man.”

The fact is that even if you’ve never heard of Red Stripe beer before, this funny commercial really sticks in your mind. Although we are not beer drinkers, this commercial certainly creates conversations in rooming houses across the country.

You should check out this very funny commercial online web page here:

Secret # 4: Create your own slogan and ideas

If you type the “inspirational quotes” words in Google, you’ll notice that there are 1.13 million listings. The quotations are hot! So why not take advantage of the power quotes and slogans on your business?

Back to the mind, ‘Where’s Beef “Wendy’s ads. It ‘been fun to engage in a series of ads that were all over the country are asking, “Where’s the beef?”.

And think of Donald Trump’s “You’re fired!” I’m sure he had no idea that his show “The Apprentice” takes off, as he did, and become the ‘in thing. “

When you create an event theme or hot, his words may appear on websites, blogs, spoken in the elevators, written on bathroom walls and in the most unexpected place.
Take a moment to step back and really see the brand of your company.

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