Environmental pollution, improper diet, irregular work and rest, family responsibilities and expensive, medical care, emotional crisis, and many other negative factors complicated relationships continue to influence our troubled and, over time, we will be abnormal psychology, behavior will be biased, physical discomfort, bad mood, feelings of irritability and other symptoms followed, appears sub-health

What is subhealth? Environmental pollution, improper diet, irregular work and rest, family burden and expensive, medical care, emotional crises, interpersonal relationships, and many complex factors that continue to distress and negative affect us, over time, we will be abnormal psychology, behavior will be biased, physical discomfort, bad mood, feelings of irritability and other symptoms followed, appears sub-health. What

sub-health hazard? 1 sub-health is the most chronic non-communicable diseases, the former state, the majority of malignant tumors, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are diverted from the sub-health.

2 sub-health is affecting the efficiency, quality of life, and even endanger the lives of special operations personnel.

3 subhealth easily lead to mental disorders Psychological or even lead to suicide and domestic violence. Most of the biological clock

4 sub-health disorders constitute a causal relationship with a direct impact on sleep quality, increased physical and mental fatigue.

5 serious sub-health can significantly affect the health, life, leading to premature death, disease and early morning disability.

World Health Organization, a global survey showed that only 5% of the world’s truly healthy, while the remaining 95% were diagnosed in only a small part of the crowd for the sick, that is, in the sub-health status of people close to the Bacheng. At present, China’s “sub-health,” the crowd had reached about 70% share, more than 900 million people, especially for those higher education levels and economic goods more developed cities and towns, this situation is particularly serious.

According to Statistics, the work in the cities of sub-health status of people 60% -70%, fatigue has increasingly become the enemy of health. In a Shanghai, Wuxi, Shenzhen and other cities of the 2000 health survey conducted in middle-aged people showed that 60% of people have insomnia, dreaminess, is not easy to fall asleep or doze off during the day phenomenon; recurrent back pain were 62 %; work tired easily accounted for 58%; bad temper or anxiety 48%. Precisely these people often overworked and tired of. So not only the middle-aged, medium and large have widespread fatigue phenomenon of college students, especially researchers. The data indicate that the recent five years, the 7-owned Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute and Beijing University of experts and professors of 134 people die, the average age is only 53.2 years. State Commission for Restructuring the results of a survey released by that country to take charge of the intellectual life expectancy is only 58 years old, lower than the national average life expectancy of 10 years old. Seven early eighties in the twentieth century, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries, fatigue has become a serious sub-health problem. U.S. health department survey found that at least 400 million people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Japan has more than 10,000 people each year because of nervousness too tired to death, only a year in 1995, a famous Japanese Seiko Corporation, Kawasaki Steel Corporation and All Nippon Airways general manager of large companies such as 12 have died, aged mostly 45-year-old.

Sub-health care treatments Sub-health can not rest because the effective mitigation, also been found potent drugs, so the current treatment focuses on the improvement of symptoms in order to restore the original body in patients with kinetic energy and stamina. These include medicines, acupuncture, massage, exercise. Massage which was unanimously accepted safer long-term.

Massage is the ancient Chinese health care in China one way, it’s gentle on the body around, to qi and activating blood, illnesses and physical purposes.

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