Becoming a registered nurse (RN) is one of the most viable careers right now. Many people find themselves wanting to take it as a second course and no one can blame them for there are many advantages that they can benefit from. If you are still thinking about whether this career will suit you, here are a few of the advantages that you can have:

• First off, you will benefit from having the knowledge of the human anatomy and you will have the understanding of how the body works. This knowledge you can apply to you and your family. Whenever someone would get sick, you will know how to deal with it properly. You will not have any apprehensions on how to apply your knowledge in order to cure any family member. In addition, you will also have the knowledge about the natural history of the disease process. You will know when to expect the symptoms to become better.

• Secondly, you will also have the knowledge on the medications that you can use to cure any sickness. You will know the dosage and indications, when to give it, and when to stop the medication. You will also learn about the side effects and the mechanism of action of the drug. You will know when to apply your knowledge of the bioavailability and half-life of certain medications.

• A registered nurse will always have a job waiting for her. Everyday there are people who get sick. There are even diseases that are long-standing or chronic; thus, everyday, there is a need for your services. In whatever field of a doctor: a Neurologist, Gynecologist, Internist, Cardiology, or Surgeon, whatever specialty they may have, they are in need of nurses.

• You also have the opportunity to travel. Many areas in the world have inadequate number of nurses. If one of your passions is to be able to travel in different parts of the world, then your career as a nurse will give you the realization of your dreams. Several companies offer to give you relocation expenses that you can even being your family with you.

• When you become a nurse who is registered, you never have to worry about not getting enough salary. Nurses are one of the highest paid professions to date. Salary rates depend from the place that you work at but they are usually within the 5- to 6- figure. You will enjoy more benefits and bigger salaries if you are a specialist nurse.

• Ultimately, the best advantage that you can enjoy when you choose a nursing career as your profession is the feeling of being able to help others with their needs. Many of those who are sick have no one to care for them, except for the nurses. Being a nurse is indeed rewarding and fulfilling. The pleasant sense of being able to reach out to others is one of the advantages of being a registered nurse that nothing can ever replace.

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