Military schools are dissimilar from military boot camps in several key aspects. Traditional schools often have a very stringent admissions procedure and would not admit teens who show no leadership potential, have problems with their attitude and grades, and who don’t pass their criteria of a high-quality candidate. Military schools place a high emphasis on civic pride, national duty and community involvement. Students are optimistic to attend church and community groups during weekends. Students are encouraged to help others in the local community thus developing a spirit of friendship and charitable deeds. These attitudes help make each student a better person and will go with them throughout their adult years as well.

There are a number of options to help the struggling teenagers. Discipline through amenities such as behavior modification schools, boot camps, boarding schools, group homes, troubled youth programs and wilderness camps is one option. Therapy through counseling is another choice. These services proffer numerous key components to help them contract with their issues and they contain academics, reinforcement of suitable behavior, family involvement, and personal and emotional development. Christian boarding schools address the needs of troubled teens using a Christian-based philosophy. There are also boarding schools that are do not identify themselves as Christian but still utilize the underlying values and principles of Judeo-Christian religions such as respect, honesty, hard work to help troubled teens.

Boot camps have military-style amenities in order to transform a struggling teenagers into someone better behaved who follows rules.

Thus, these camps have strict military discipline, fear of authority and rigorous physical training for children with different types of military exercises. Juveniles admitted to these camps are often very aggressive and do not listen to anybody, including their parents. At such times, it is advisable for parents to put them for boot camps during summer months as these camps are mainly designed to achieve compliance, control and obedience to authority. The main reason why parents send their teenagers to military schools is that their kids are beyond control or so. However, there are also parents, with good and problem-less young children, who decide to send their sons or daughters to such schools for other reasons. For these parents, the adolescents military schools can provide the desirable discipline and values.

youths wilderness Camps  most certainly do work as thousands of formerly struggling teens and their very happy and relieved parents will testify. But, and this is a most important but, wilderness camps work best for a certain type of teen. Kids and adolescents around the world benefit from most wilderness camps experiences, and learn about their environment and how to survive in the wilderness. Others go to a wilderness camp for therapy, and psychologists and psychiatrists encourage troubled teens to go to a wilderness camp to find a sense of self and grow in confidence as they learn new skills. Military schools offer first class facilities for such programs as sport, outdoor education and the performing arts. Students who have a passion in one or more of these areas have ample time and resources at their disposal.

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