People see nurses as highly-compensated professionals in white gowns, but there is more to a nurse than just that. Behind the salaries and the white gowns, what really do you know about a nurse? It is essential that one sees the hardships of a person before one starts judging what is easy and what is not. In a nurse’s case, it is essential that one looks past the common misconceptions about them.

On the average, a nurse has an hourly salary range of $ 19-$ 36. Working overtime could make them earn twice as much as this hourly rate. Of course, working in intensive and acute care hospitals would get you higher salary rates. Those working in emergency rooms typically earn higher too. In this part, many people are correct about nursing being a high-paying profession. Every year, a nurse could earn as low as $ 40,300 and as much as $ 78,600.

Around 90% of the nurse population is female, but the remaining number for the male is still significantly large since there are more than 3 million registered nurses in the country. There are roughly 3 million nurse jobs in the United States, and more than 60% of these are in hospitals. Job opportunities are many and, as already said, the pay is high.

You could never be an effective nurse if you do not care about life. Every day, you would deal with many people in many different situations. A nurse would have to be as caring and as compassionate as possible. Yes, there are difficult times and they call for quick and grave decisions, and this is also the reason why a nurse is trained to make decisions under stress and pressure.

If you want to be a nurse, you need to get your high school diploma. You need to find a good college that would teach you the course in an efficient manner. In a span of around four years, you need to be able to learn as much as you could. The nursing board examination is something that is most qualified to determine who is competent in the field. The exam is made up of many parts, and the review takes more than months for one who wants to become a nurse.

Nursing courses would determine how a nurse would take care of a patient, communicate with them and relate with them. They would teach a nurse about the theories and concepts of nursing and research. There would also be classes where a nurse would deal with legal responsibilities and values of a good nurse, and the risks of the job need to be learned too. A nurse would always be in contact with people, and knowing how a man is affected by health and illnesses is a good way to start.

Nurses also need to keep track of all the latest medical equipments especially those that they have the authority to use. Once a nurse, you should never stop learning. You need to improve in the field as you are in it.

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