Thousands of people have become Singapore permanent residents every year but not all go through the same application process.  Permanent Residence (PR) application can be applied for the whole family i.e. the applicant himself plus the spouse and unmarried children under 21.   The lure of gaining Singapore permanent residence through a variety of schemes has convinced thousands of foreigners of diverse backgrounds to set up home in the island-state, one of Asia’s most stable and developed countries and a key financial hub.  It’s estimated that an average of 36,000 foreigners received permanent residence annually over the past decade.  As of June 2009, the number of PRs in Singapore is estimated to be about 553,000 from a population of about 4.9 million people, and the numbers are increasing.


Although, most foreigners become Singapore permanent residents after working in the country for 6 months to 5 years, there are other paths leading you to Singapore PR status.   This guide provides an overview of the different types of permanent residence schemes available in Singapore so you can decide on the one that best suits your needs and circumstances.  As a permanent resident of Singapore, you will enjoy most of the benefits and rights afforded to citizens.  The benefits you can enjoy include the right to live in the country without visa restrictions, higher priority public schooling for your children, more freedom to buy property and participation in the retirement fund scheme. On the other hand, certain commitments will also be required of you such as sending your sons to compulsory two-year military service once they reach 18.


For foreign professionals who are working in Singapore at the time of applying for Singapore permanent residence, the scheme available is the as Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker scheme (or simply PTS scheme).

The PTS scheme is the easiest and most assured route to Singapore PR.  Through the PTS scheme, an estimate of more than 95% of the people obtain their Singapore Permanent Residence.


Singapore permanent residence may also obtained through the Investor Scheme (also known as Million Dollar Scheme).  Under this scheme, you may apply for PR for yourself and immediate family by starting a business or investing in Singapore.  All in all, the Government of Singapore welcomes the arrival of professionals and other foreigners who are able to make a positive contribution to the country’s development and economy.  You can avail of any available schemes that best suits your needs to help you obtain Singapore permanent residence.



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