When you are preparing to go to college, selecting a major may be very difficult. Many people are worried about job security in these economic times, and nursing is one career that has guaranteed job security. The US Department of Labor has released information that states, one million replacement and registered nurses will be necessary by the year 2016. Nursing can also provide you with a bright future of endless growth and learning potential.

Getting an education is important, with more schooling, you will be able to obtain a higher degree, and many more opportunities will be available for you. The licensed practical nurse, also known as a vocational nurse or L.P.N is one degree that you may select. Depending on the amount of schooling that you complete, you may earn an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree and become a registered nurse, also known as a R.P.N.

A diploma in nursing, as an LPN, can usually be earned within one year. Within that year you will be educated in hospitals and other related places, and will be taught anatomy, nutrition and many other relative subjects. You will also be learning how to give injections and take vital signs. CPR and first aid is also discussed, along with learning about different medications and how they are used. All of the information that you learn in your classes prepares you for your final licensing exam.

With a little more education, you will be able to become an RN. A lot of prerequisite courses must be taken before you can receive your associate or bachelor’s degree as a RN. If you choose to receive your RN degree, you will have to memorize a great deal of scientific information and be willing to study for many hours at a time. This course will give you the ability to get hands-on experience in many different settings such as; schools, hospitals, mental institutions and many more places. All of the classes will prepare you for the final exam, which is known as, The National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses.

With more education, you have the possibility of becoming an advanced practical nurse. Advanced practical nurses have some of the same abilities as medical doctors. Nurse practitioners, also known as (NP) can diagnose and then treat sickness, and most NP’s have certification that allows them to write prescriptions. Working hard to become an NP pays off because when a salary survey was done in 2007 it showed that the average earnings of a nurse practitioner was $ 81,397.

There are a few ways that you can help yourself get ready for a nursing degree. You can volunteer at a senior center, hospital, or a health clinic to provide yourself with some early education. To broaden your communication skills think about taking a few speech or English compensation classes. Science and math will be used constantly, so if you are lacking in those subjects you may consider either practicing your skills or taking a couple of extra courses. The world will always be in need of nurses; so nursing degrees are an excellent choice for anyone.

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