While all nursing homes aim to provide quality care to their elderly patients, nursing homes vary according to the patients they care for and the type of care they provide. Most nursing home facilities offer an array of rehabilitation services apart from standard nursing care. Through the years, the scope of geriatric nursing care has greatly expanded to attend to the growing needs of patients experiencing different types of degenerative conditions. The type of care provided by most nursing homes nowadays is now comparable to that provided in a hospital setting.

Aside from rehabilitative and general nursing care, nursing health facilities also offer other therapeutic activities to ensure that patients receive holistic care. Such activities include physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as pharmaceutical services and oncologic care for patients with cancers. Depending on the type of nursing care facility, other forms of specialized care may be offered.

But what are the different classifications of nursing care facilities? There is a wide selection to choose from depending on the needs of your elderly family member. Assisted living centers aim to help the elderly accomplish activities of daily living while allowing them to live as independently as possible. Their services may include meal preparation, housekeeping, medication, laundry, and general assistance. Assisted living centers are the middle ground of independent living services and nursing home facilities.

Congregate care services are similar to assisted living centers but offer a sense of community among patients. These centers offer amenities such as transportation, pools, banks, convenience stores, and barber shops/beauty salons. Skilled nursing homes are the traditional nursing centers like most San Diego senior home health care centers. They offer round the clock medical and nursing services for senior citizens with chronic illnesses. State and federal governments require such nursing homes to have licensed facilities and staff, as well as certified nursing aids.

Another type facility that offers San Diego senior services are hospice care centers. These facilities offer a combination of nursing home care and hospital care attending to the needs of terminally ill patients. These facilities provide what is known as palliative care, which refers to making the remainder of a terminally ill patient’s life as comfortable as possible and guiding them to a peaceful passing. They also offer counseling and support to grieving family members.

Adult day care centers are another classification of San Diego senior home health care services. These are similar to toddler day care centers; they provide meals and care programs to the elderly when a caregiver needs a day off. These centers also offer a community setting for their patients.

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