There are thousands of taxis in every city across the UK with a variety of black cabs and private hire vehicles available for use. The large majority of these cabs will be fully legitimate and perfectly safe to use as a quick and convenient form of transport. However, there are also numerous unlicensed cabs that are in operation and one of the biggest problems with these rogue drivers is that they will not have a taxi insurance policy. This will have great implications for both the driver and their passengers in the event of the vehicle being involved in an accident but there are also a number of other problems associated with them.


The use of unlicensed cabs can be a major problem due to them being completely uncontrolled and monitored. The driver will not have had to go through the numerous checks that are carried out meaning that anyone could be in the driving seat. This brings about a massive safety issue due to the fact that the person behind the wheel could have any kind of criminal conviction. The fact that they have not gone through the necessary licensing procedures also means that their car may not be completely roadworthy which will ultimately increase the risk of an accident occurring.


It is in the event of an accident that the problems can increase even further. If you are in a fully licensed cab as a passenger then you are fully insured for the duration of the journey. If the vehicle is involved in an accident and you suffer an injury then you can make a claim. However, if you use an unlicensed taxi and are involved in an accident then you are not insured at all for any scenario. Do you really want to risk this?


It may seem like a good idea at the time to jump into the first cab you come across at the end of a night out but doing so means you are putting yourself into a precarious position. Not only may you be at risk from an unscrupulous driver but you are also not protected by any form of taxi insurance. Getting home safely is a much better alternative to getting home that little bit quicker so you should always make sure that the cab you get into is fully licensed. Getting into a legitimate vehicle will mean that both the car and the driver have been checked and also that you will be covered for any accident.

Written by E-Commerce Manager of Think Insurance, Chris Roche. For more information on taxi  insurance , motor trade insurance or property insurance take a look at our site and give us a call for a cheap taxi insurance quote.

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