The abstract printed blue and black combination designer saree named after the sultry siren Vidya Balan is very impressive with its aari embroidery. The pallu and pleated region of the saree accommodates the aari embroidery over the abstract design patterns. The beautiful false georgette saree which comes with a matching blouse material is trendy in its design and colour combination attributes. The blouse material of the saree could be best stitched without sleeves and with deep v neck in the back and the front. This is one saree which boosts the enthusiasm of the woman wearing it and her environment and keeps works moving fast with extra energy. Domestic functions, temple visits and auspicious moments at home are brightened up with this breathtaking saree. The shade of blue which is used in the saree and its combination with black are highly commendable in the spellbinding saree. The imagination of the designer is interesting and is well materialized by the skilled labour.

The saree has a brief border which is brick red on the outside and light blue on the inside. The light blue border has three silver thread works running on it. The scintillating saree is horizontally alternated by black and blue stretches of differing width. The false georgette saree flows smoothly through the waist and the shoulder. The saree which is easily draped stays very much in place and ensures active participation through any party. The broad black strip near the feet region has c shaped structures in brick red, white and light blue which resembling the waning stages of the moon. The meeting points of the black and blue region are accentuated with wavy lines done with aari work. The pallu has a red patch in one of its corners filled with blue and red embroidery in a rather circular pattern.

Silver jewelry is the best for this beautiful saree. One could use blue, black, white and red glass bangles or silver bangles with enamel work in blue and red. Silver chains would do for the neck. Gold jewelry studded with white stones would be awesome with this beautiful saree. One could use plain black or red handbag and slipper of same colour for a subtle look with this saree. However, blue accessories would look bold and dressy with this saree online. The ethnic charisma of the saree is set complete when one braids the hair in neat Indian plaits with a string of jasmines.

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