Applying to Telemetry Technician Employment Positions

Telemetric technology is used within the cardiac care specialty as a way to monitor the electrical activity of a patient’s heart from a distance. This allows personnel to observe several different people at once from a monitoring center that has been constructed either in the treatment facility or in a separate location. While most states do not require telemetry technicians to become licensed, many employers have adopted minimum competency standards that are designed to ensure that new employees have the knowledge and skills they need to provide top notch care. Although it is sometimes possible to find work in the department with little to no college education or experience, these elements do serve to strengthen one’s resume and may mean the difference between getting hired or not. Individuals who are new to healthcare may need to spend a couple years working as a generalist provider before making the transition to a specialized department. This period of initial employment allows an individual to gain exposure to several different departments and may result in credentialing that could help an applicant stand out. To learn more about telemetry certification, be sure to visit

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