If you are a regular reader of any particular magazine, you will know that paying the cover price and purchasing a single issue is not a wise thing to do. In case you are checking out a new magazine then it is fine, but paying the cover price and purchasing a magazine on a regular basis is certainly not a good idea at all. This is where the magazine subscriptions can prove to be hugely beneficial in terms of cost, convenience, and a host of other features.

Ordering a magazine subscription

Most of the magazines have inserts and that needs to be filled up and mailed to the publishing house along with the mode of payment, address, and other relevant details. However, it is far simpler to order a subscription online too. To order online, you will have to go to the website of the magazine and fill in the application form and submit it online. Some people prefer downloading the form and filling it up and then mailing it.

Ordering through the magazine subscription services

When you order through any of the magazine subscription services, you can avail a number of great offers. First of all, you can avail some of the best magazine subscription offers from all the well-known magazines. All these offers are there all year round, but they keep changing from time to time.Generally, these are offers that are given by the publishing houses in order to boost the subscriptions within a short span of time. These are all genuine offers and you can be assured of getting the freebies along with your subscriptions.

The offers may include a whole lot of free gifts along with the subscription. For example, you may be offered a set of DVDs, diaries, glassware, electronic items or gadgets etc.

Time taken for magazine delivery

The time taken to deliver the first issue would normally be around 8 to 12 weeks. This is due to the fact that the magazine has to be shipped directly from the publisher’s printing facility. Once you send in the orders, it will be fed into the system and once everything is in place, your first copy of the magazine will be delivered to you. For this entire process to take place it will take time and you should be prepared to wait. However, once the first issue arrives, the rest of the issues will be delivered promptly.

Money back guarantee

Most of the magazine subscription services offer renewals, change of address, cancellation of subscription etc. Along with this, they also offer a money-back guarantee. In case you cancel your subscription within a period of six months, you will get a full refund of the money on all undelivered issues. So, you will not lose anything by ordering a subscription.

Magazine subscription offers are offered by publishing houses to help people save money on their favorite magazines. Terro White uses magazine subscriptions to purchase magazines of his choice. He also writes articles that inspire people to use them regularly.

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