The first 18 months of your business is very risky. Survey says that almost thirty percent of all small businesses fall within the first two years. This is the deciding point if your business will be effective and if it will last. With this, you have to make a business plan to ensure that your business is given the greatest chance of success. 

There are websites offering assistance in making a business plan template. A good business plan template has two basic parts: narrative and financial worksheets. The narrative part of the business plan contains the details and the strategies. It is subdivided into various sections. Create your business plan in a systematic way to avoid missing out some points. The financial worksheets in the other way consist the budget for the business plan to work out. Remember that the purpose of making a template is not to hasten the result of your business but thinking about your business in a more intelligent and smart way.
The first step in making a business plan template is to make a rough draft. Make a note of all the ideas and concept you want to incorporate in your plan. If it happens that, you have a business partner, it is important to talk to him or her with your plans. 
The next step is to make a systematic and professional narrative. This will include all the ideas and concepts but in a more systematic flow. While doing this, you will be more involve in your business in a critical way. Some think of this as a waste of time, but creating a business template will help avoid making poor decisions that could lead to the failure of your business. 
When making your business plan template, you should start by writing the name and the details of the owner or owners of the business. After, you may follow it with the table of contents. A basic business plan template contains executive summary, a general description of a company, the products and services offered by the company, marketing plan, operational plan, and the management and organizational structure. On the other hand, the financial part consist the financial statement, start up expenses, and capitalization details of the plan.


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