This suite of next generation technology solutions help in improving the lives of people with chronic diseases by integrating clinical, behavioral, and motivational applications with everyday technologies, like the internet and cell phone, to engage patients and healthcare providers in ways that dramatically improve outcomes and significantly reduce healthcare costs. The solution helps users track medications, reminders and manage their Asthma action plan.

Business Challenge:

1. The aim was to develop a mobile application which will act as resident disease management for Asthma treatment.

2. The application will be able to allow user enter HCP’s recommendation and / or the information on the “Asthma Action Plan” through web portal and access them through the mobile application.

3. The application should store the information on the device database and when the connection is available, it should synchronize the data with server.


Software Solutions:

1. Asthma Manager is a mobile resident client disease management application.

2. It helps users track medication use, various reminders, manage their Asthma action plan and Asthma diary.

3. The application enables user to enter HCP’s recommendation and/or the information on the “Asthma Action Plan” through web portal and access them through the mobile application.

4. The goal of an Asthma action plan is to reduce or prevent flare-ups and emergency visits through day-to-day management.

5. Having written step-by-step access of plan provides clear instructions on your screen and can prevent or avoid any misshapenness.

6. The application also provides details of pollen counts in requested areas.

7. The application work in online and offline modes.

8. In order to log the data online to server database or to fetch details like profile updates, reminder updates and pollen count information, the application needs to have connectivity to the mobile server.

9. The application would also have the offline working capability in order to work when the connectivity is not available.


1. Keeps tracks of medications taken.

2. Reminder and action plan for Asthma treatment.

3. Availability of proper action plan for treatment.

4. Able to work in both online and offline mode.

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