Recognition Decoration Quote transmission of the disease has merit
Buy a house is a happy thing, but a reference to buy a house after the renovation, who have experienced it they are moaning and do not chatter. Not only was the saddle before the horse in person after the governor array, tired of you fade a skin, when the quote is a fitting constant changes, the last is nobody knows for sure, much more than before the renovation budget. Now is the “gold 9 silver 10” discount shopping season, home improvement market is heating up. In order for consumers to no longer fitting into the bottomless pit B & Q Promote “full transparency” of the fitting model, so you plainly consumption.

Amount of low-budget offer deliberative Miss Zhu was about the decoration of a house, but the large and small use to the more than 100 kinds of materials, each material has different brands and styles, as different materials, the corresponding prices vary accordingly. In order to make their own snacks decoration when the province, Miss Zhu decided to interior decoration companies.

Lap decorating company, Miss Zhu was found in the selected Decoration materials Similar circumstances, the final offer is a big difference decoration. According to industry experts said, some non-formal decoration companies will adopt a “low-budget, high settlement offer” means to attract customers. Therefore, the owners must figure out decoration companies offer, in the verification of the “quote Masachika” the good pass.

Therefore, the program identified the owner after the decoration, decoration company will submit its budget to the owners, the owners should pay attention to finalizing the price of the following questions, to avoid the trap of their set: First, the construction budget project is consistent with the design; Second, the practice and the main materials technology brand, specifications are clearly defined; Third, water, electricity installation Project , The design meets the requirements, quantities are clear, the total price are clear; fourth unit construction project is reasonable; 5 of the total cost is beyond the investment plan.

Experts advise, decorated the company’s gross profit margin of 10% -30% discounted rate if more than this limit, the decoration company definitely in play “trick.” Consumers before signing the contract price of certain materials carefully to be considered clear enough, the best supplements marked “total no more than 10% of the budget offer.”

Beware of “additional” quote
In understanding some of the decoration market consumption “black hole”, the Miss Zhu chosen a more well-known interior design company responsible for their own home renovation. However, since the process is constantly being asked to change the previous design, the designer persuaded Miss Zhu repeated increase in renovation projects, do not need to do with a cabinet where the cabinet, no need to cook the ceiling where we seek lap ceiling. Complete renovation of a settlement, but also exceeded the budget.

Experience such as Miss Zhu, who had a lot of decoration have experienced. It is reported that, due to intense market competition, some decoration at the company in order to survive means to deliberately offer down, and then in the construction process require consumers to “additional” engineering models, this practice of intentionally deceiving consumers, often figuratively called “Fishing”, for example, some decoration companies for the budget, intends to toilet water, basement walls and other projects dealing with omitted, making it the company offer lower than other decoration. Some quick success of the decoration above the big issue in the design, or even to consumers under the “set”, deliberately misleading.

“Clean contracting” Let the consumer transparency
To make the decoration more transparent, B & Q launched a “clean contracting” mode. B & Q Decoration Centre’s “clean contracting” model of material costs and construction costs of buying separate purchase. By the consumers to buy their own designers, accompanied by a variety of materials, but materials prices supermarket marked price.

Decorating centers also offer full open, full and transparent. All labor costs are based on industry standards recommended by the scope of works in accordance with the actual amount of calculation. Management fee line decorated with the minimum standard of 5% regulation, tax collection according to the provisions of national unity. Project settlement, labor, materials in real settlement, Duotuishaobu, if there are well-decorated after the end of the remaining material can be returned by the original price.

B & Q will give each customer a card, all of the capital spending through the card through the system to a consumption of each track and checks to ensure the safety of funds. In the construction and acceptance of, the B & Q Decoration Centre is all set up for each client a complete file, including the customer’s budget, contracts, materials, engineering, quality supervision, the entire system by BSI British high quality supervision system recognition, one-time adoption of ISO9001: 2000 quality management certification indefinitely. The quality tracking and inspection system are very satisfactory.

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