It is hard for the small business companies especially those are owned and operated by the minority group of individuals to survive the cutthroat competition of US market. Most people start up their own business venture without knowing where to turn for the assistance. Commercial loans are provided by many private funding agencies but the minority group of individuals can hardly qualify their eligibility criteria. One of the best resources is therefore the federal government grants. General Services Administration (GSA) is the specialized federal agency tasked to support the government purchasing issues. GSA Schedule is such a program that provides small business companies with an opportunity to sell to the government.

The easiest way for a small business company to accelerate its sales in the Federal market place is to be a GSA Contract holder. The GSA Advantage has been expanded largely to provide almost every industry with the ability to sell products and services to the Federal Government. The federal small business development program awards over $ 5 billion dollars annually for the quality goods and services under the GSA contract program, which is possibly the largest business contracting activity in the United States. In fact, the GSA Schedule awards have become the major procurement method of federal contracts. Predictions indicate that in near future it will become impossible for the small companies to do business with the federal government without acquiring a GSA Schedule Contract.

However, the US Government market is giving more opportunities to the small and mid size companies. The fact is government agencies are prioritizing the small business companies when buying goods and services from the private commercial contractors. So, you really dont have to be a Beltway Insider to get into the federal market and sell to the government. It is all about obtaining the GSA Advantage that any qualified business owner can opt for. According to the recent market studies, more and more socially disadvantaged veterans are now doing business with the federal government. To participate in this process you just have to have a GSA contract in hand. So, how to get the GSA Advantage! It is not that easy indeed; an applicant has to demonstrate its business quality and potential in order to win a contract.

There are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow perfectly during the application process. The paperwork and official formalities are huge as well. Similar to any other government processing, the GSA Schedule program also takes time, thorough understanding and enough patience. Even a little mistake can cause your application get rejected. Therefore, it is advisable that you get professional assistance to bypass the hassles. Number experienced GSA consultants are out there to help small business owners complete the application phase successfully and win a prospective GSA contract. You can hire the professionals online or can download the guidebooks available right to the business consulting sites. Either way it is good to get the assistance in order to beat the competitors and succeed the easiest way.

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