As a Teaching Assistant you will work closely with the Classroom Teacher, providing the necessary support that he or she needs so that each lesson runs smoothly and efficiently. Each class will vary; you could be working closely with individuals who have specific needs or with small groups of pupils. What is certain is that no day will be the same. What qualifications do you need to become a Teaching Assistant? The good news is that there is no specific qualifications required to be coming a Teaching Assistant, however having a Teaching Assistant qualification can hugely benefit you and increase your chances of gaining a job as a Teaching Assistant. It is also becoming more common for Schools to employ Teaching Assistant’s with specialist skills. Think about what skills you have that could set you apart from the crowd? Maybe you play and instrument or speak a second language? A fantastic way to gain the necessary skills would be to enroll on a Professional Teaching Assistant Diploma course, which we offer here at Teaching Assistant Centre. If you enjoy working with children or are interested in a career in teaching but want to test the waters before going into it full time, then a teaching assistant (TA) job is ideal for you. Working as a Teaching Assistant is also a great way for people who have other responsibilities to get some experience working in schools. You can even work voluntarily if you are so inclined. Starting out as a TA Educational institutions are always on the lookout for TAs, especially after a new study has shown that the more an institution spends on assistants, the better it performs. Although Teaching Assistants are in great demand, there are also a lot of people wanting to be Teaching Assistants, as the role is so varied and rewarding, therefore by gaining a Teaching Assistant Diploma, you will automatically put yourself ahead of competition. Teaching Assistants – Home Study, What is the best way to obtain suitable qualifications? One of the most popular

Teaching assistant qualifications has accreditation from a government recognized body thus ensuring its standard of training and qualification creditability. Teaching Assistants help you to Become A Teaching Assistant and schools for those interested in pursuing a career in the education field.

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