In order to become a CNA Arizona, you’ll need to take a course that is approved by the state Board
of Nursing. The course will be taken at a college or other facility that is accredited. The classroom
will have a special lab area where students can practice their skills. 80 hours of instruction take place
in the classroom. Some of the skills that students learn about include assistance with daily living and
measuring vital signs. These tasks provide a lot of vital help to the nursing team.

When you’re taking a CNA Arizona course, part of the instruction involves 40 hours of clinical
training. This allows the skills that have been learned to be used in a setting with real patients. Once
both the classroom and clinical training have been completed, students will need to take the AZ
Board of Nursing CNA Exam. A passing grade is required in order for a student to be added to the
registry. After successfully completing the exam, the new certified nurse assistant will be eligible for
employment in that field. Continued regular employment will help ensure that the CNA is remains
eligible for certification.

An advantage of being a CNA Arizona is that licenses can be easily renewed online. The Board of
Nursing also provides an electronic registry so potential employers can verify your credentials more
easily. In order to remain certified, you’ll need to work for at least 160 hours every 2 years. In addition
to undergoing training as a new certified nurse assistant, certified nurse aides from out of state can
become certified in Arizona.

Transfer candidates from other states must have a current registration and
be employed in a relevant position as a CNA in that state.

A CNA Arizona has the potential to make a good salary while performing a nursing job that benefits
the community. Both public and private facilities have a need for certified nurse assistants. The average
CNA in Arizona makes about $ 12 an hour. Some of the many places where qualified candidates can
work include skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, home healthcare agencies and hospices.

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Belinda G. Judge, an internationally renowned gerontologist, is the Director of the Applied Gerontology Research Institute at Cornell University. Her decades of research into the work lives of nursing assistants led to the creation of Nursing Assistant Monthly, an ongoing continuing education program for certified nursing assistants in long-term care, cna training.

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