People who like working with people and are interested in pursuing a career the medial field are finding that being a pharmacy technician offers an interesting career that can also be rewarding.

Duties of a Pharmacy Technician

When customers enter a pharmacy, they will usually speak with a pharmacy technician, unless they specifically ask to speak with a pharmacist. The pharmacy technician takes prescriptions from customers and fills them. A pharmacy technician’s work must be completed under the supervision of a pharmacist. A pharmacist double checks the prescription after being filled by a pharmacy technician to ensure the right medicine is being given to the customers.

In order to fill a patient’s prescription, a pharmacy technician must receive the prescription, count out the pills or tablets, measure and mix liquid medications, put the medication into the proper container, and print and apply the proper label to the proper container. They must be able to also explain the prescription to the customer when that customer picks up the medication at check out.

Benefits of Pharmacy Schools

Attending pharmacy schools can enable a person to sit for exams and become certified as a pharmacy technician. While some states do not require pharmacy technicians to be certified, many do, so it is important to learn your state’s regulations before entering the pharmacy field.

Going to a pharmacy school also enables a person to become better qualified for job opportunities.

Although obtaining a degree and/or being certified does not guarantee employment, many employers look for a degree when they are choosing who to hire for a specific position.

There are a variety of ways to find the funds to pay for pharmacy tuition. There are several federal and state grants available for eligible students looking for a way to pay for pharmacy tuition. Your college should be able to direct you to the proper channels to seek financial aid to help fund your pharmacy education.

The South University’s branch of pharmacy schools deal with pharmacy tuition. They impart quality education regarding the pharmaceutical industry.

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