There are three different routes to become a registered nurse: acquire a bachelor’s degree in nursing, acquire a Master’s degree in nursing or acquire an associate degree in nursing. Entry – level nurses wishing to become registered nurses, always start with and or Associated Degree in Nursing, and then complete their study while working to benefit from the experience gained and maintain a decent annual income.

The associated degree is available from different colleges. Nurses can get that degree through attending classes physically or through the Internet. Attending classes online enables those who are unable to attend classes full – time to complete their courses according to their own pace, and without obstructing their full – time job.

Many nurses stop at that point  and continue their career in the same level because they are receiving a decent annual remuneration that exceeds the $ 60 000 mark. Other nurses start to Endeavor higher managerial positions through completing their BSN and MSN courses.

Many colleges offer the BSN programs too. Registered nurses can complete the Bachelor’s degree to promote higher in their jobs. All, higher management positions along with teaching and supervision positions require that the nurse finishes the BSN or MSN to fill such positions. If a nurse wishes to work as a midwife, nurse anesthetist or clinical nurse, he or she should finish BSN or MSN.

Registered nurses have the chance to choose from between different jobs inside the health care facility that other less qualified nurses cannot fill. LPN or LVN can fill the basic and entry jobs only such as nutrition, sample collection and similar responsibilities while registered nurses are eligible to fill more sophisticated and specialized jobs.

Acquiring these degrees became very simple as they are available both online and off – line.

Nurses can join these courses through the Internet if they are unable to join a full – time study. This helps those who are already working in entry – level jobs to advance in their careers and admit to higher- paying jobs.

Qualified and registered nurses are highly demanded by health care facilities all over the world. The demand level is increasing from year to another with the increase in health care unit numbers. Taking such decision can change a nurse’s life completely because it will increase the job advancement probability significantly.

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