Security through good job to the students after studies is the main concern of the parents. To get a job of their choice which is perfect, the students have to face a lot of difficulties and hardship. Every job seeker has the dream of getting a government job. So popular, it has become these days. The main reason for most of the people going for such jobs is the security you get in government jobs. People are not only paid very good salary but also there is more safety as compared to jobs in private companies. There is also good post retirement benefits .

People are given good and relax working environment with comfortable & suitable working hours. A boon to such jobs at present is sixth pay commission. Government jobs are not lagging behind in terms of salaries. It is the sense of security, flexibility and stability that the government jobs give to job and life. Whether to opt for government jobs or private jobs is the confusion that very often all fresher who are in search of jobs get. You have both pros and cons. The government jobs are still considered to be better than private jobs which have more opportunities of growth and better package on overall term.

The reasons are mentioned above.

In India, there are government jobs in every field starting from cleaning jobs to the most reputed jobs like an IAS officer. For getting a government job, you have to clear an entrance exam followed by interview. . This is the most common procedure which is followed by most of the government companies. The candidate must be physically and mentally strong to get a good position in the society in terms of job. To know how and where to get good government job is the main concern for the job seeker. In order to be so, be active

For available government jobs, find the websites on Internet which give latest update. The latest news updates come in the newspaper also, like employment news. Be in contact with these on daily basis. Once you find some job suitable for you according to your qualifications, mark them. The details of the job can be thoroughly read and You can search for the details about the company.

Learning how to apply while applying in the first thing you should do Now-a-days, most companies want to get application form online. It is convenient to both for them and candidates. Be very sure in writing all the details correctly while filling the application form. The official website is to be checked for the status of application form immediately after sending the application form. Now its the time for preparation. This is the time for preparation. Each and every topic to be prepared well you need to be careful.

Once the written test is over, interview is to be prepared for. If you have applied for one job, don’t stop searching for more jobs because it is not necessary that you will get the very first job in which you have applied. Keep trying as there is long way to run. We wish you the best with your job search.

Author is an expert on HAL Recruitment and ESIC Recruitment.

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