Computer Education – A new Era:

We have seen that education has changed from time to time. Now in this cyber age, computer education has become one of the most favorite subjects. This not only fetches good jobs but also fetches handsome salary. Every one today wants to do some course of computers. Courses that are offered range from regular Graduation, Post Graduation to diplomas and vocational courses. People of all ages can do these courses. The fee structure and tenure of these courses is such that anyone can afford to do them.

Importance of Computer Certifications:

When you have completed a computer certification course, you are bound to get a proof or certificate. This is an important document that shown you know about the subject that you have studied. One has to complete a project along with the course that we have just completed. This is important for one to understand the subject. Upon the submission of this project, a Computer certification is issued. This proves that you have not just completed the course but have also understood it. A computer certification states that you are good to go for any job and can be fruitful to the organization that may hire you.

What are computers all about?

Computers are an excellent piece of engineering. Be it the software of the hardware, it all involves engineering. You need a team of expert engineers to design a computer that suits your needs. We can see the changing trends, speeds etc in the computers that are launched every day. In the same way, software have also changed over a period of time. Say for example Windows 95 to 98 to the latest windows 7. There has been a drastic change in the way these operating systems used to work. In the same way there are a million software available in market to suit our different needs and all these have to change from time to time.

Computer Engineering:

Looking at the demand of computers and computer software, there was a need of good engineers. There were times when automobile market was at its boom and everyone wanted to be an automobile engineer. But again as time changed, priorities of people changed. People were now more interested in computer engineering. The main reason for this drift was because of job availability and salary packages offered to computer engineers. We now have computer engineering courses being offered in the fields of software and hardware etc. These courses are offered at different levels from Graduation to PhDs.

Demands of Computer Engineers:

The demand of computer engineers is always on a boom. We have seen that this new era of jobs have lead to a change in economy of countries. Example, in a country like India, the maximum salary offered to a person at a managerial post was not more than six thousand Indian rupees. The era of computer education, changed this. Salaries for entry level jobs of computer engineers were more than twenty five thousand Indian rupees. This was definitely a huge leap in Indian economy. In the same way, jobs offered to computer engineers have changed the economies of many developing countries. This stated that there is a huge demand of computer engineers.

Engineering is a subject that shall always be in demand. Over time this stream evolves itself and the demand of engineers is never down. Yesterday it was mechanical engineering. Today it is computer engineers. In the same way, tomorrow it can be genetics or may be something else.

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