Certified Nursing Assistants are also known as Certified Nurse Aide in some states and is abbreviated as CNA. The post of CNA is the most junior post in the nursing career and they are the nurses who interact most with the patients. These nurses help the patient to perform their routine activities like eating and moving in-out of bed. It is their duty to help the patient build his physical as well as mental health.

If you want to become a certified nursing assistant then all you need to do is to get a few weeks training and then appear in an exam which will give you cna certification. The certification requirement is not placed by the government but the employers usually hire certified people to avoid any miserable incident. The duration for the training program of certified nursing assistants is usually less than three months. You can easily get admission in this course if you have a high school diploma while some schools do not even demand that.

There are three methods of getting your training for certified nursing assistant; firstly you can get enrolled in any school or college which is offering nursing courses. It is advised that before taking admission in any institute you should check its accreditation with the state’s board of nursing. Red Cross is a very well established organization which is offering nursing assistant training programs in 38 cities all over America. If you are unable to afford your training fees then you can join a nursing home. There are many nursing homes which will not charge you any tuition fee but they will make you sign a contract which will bound you to work only with them and not in any other organizations.

There are many websites offering certified nursing assistant online training courses.

It is suggested that before registering in any online institute, you should check its accreditation with state’s board of nursing. Certified nursing assistant online courses are cheaper than the real colleges and they enable you to take your classes in the comfortable environment of your home without any time restrictions. Many people perceive that certified nursing assistant online programs only provide theoretical classes but this is not correct because these colleges provide theoretical as well as practical training. You might be thinking that how is practical training possible on the internet, well they do not provide practical training on the internet, they arrange the practical training of the candidate in a nearby hospital.

After completing your training you will be required to appear in an exam to get your certification. This exam is divided in two parts. First part of the exam will be theoretical and in this section you will get 50 MCQs to answer. For the second section you will be taken to a ward, where you will be asked to perform three to four tasks. Once you pass this exam you will be awarded a certificate and then you can start your career as a certified nursing assi

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