Benjamin Wey, the renowned expert on Wall Street and an expert on China related issues is scheduled to address an audience of institutional investors and to speak at the “Bloomberg Hedge Funds Summit Asia 2010″ conference in Hong Kong. Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg News have invited Mr. Benjamin Wey to attend the conference and deliver his speech on October 19, 2010. Benjamin Wey, who is known for his acumen on China, has extensive knowledge on trade relations between China and USA. He will speak on the subject of Start Ups & Emerging Market Businesses in Asia.

The decorated career of Benjamin Wey speaks for itself. Mr. Wey, who is currently the Executive Director of China Investment Association, has always been regarded as an expert on Asia-U.S. trade relations. He is the person who has successfully bridged the educational, cultural and language gaps between the two economic giants – America and China.

The Bloomberg conference is aimed at bringing together all the big names in the financial world to Asia to assess the global capital market conditions. Global institutional investors will share their knowledge and expertise on the market conditions and to gain greater insights into market opportunities behind the big headlines that hit the news media.

If you are interested in knowing and gaining an insight into what’s happening around the Bloomberg Hedge Fund events involving the big guns – good news for you is that the event is open for media coverage. You can catch every detail on Bloomberg News and Bloomberg TV, which are affiliated entities of the well regarded Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine. The conference in Hong Kong is one of the 20 events that are going to be held around the globe to bring together some of the best minds in investments and finance.

Benjamin Wey is known for his extensive knowledge in the area of U.S.-China trade relations. Mr. Wey heads the New York Global Group, one of the largest middle market advisory firms on Wall Street that mainly focuses on China based transactions.

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