A business in general is a legal entity that provides goods, services or both to consumers in exchange of money. There comes the importance of billing. When a person sells a commodity, service or both to a consumer he writes a bill. Gone are the days when people used to write bills by hand, making it very clumsy and unprofessional. Welcome to the era of Billing Invoice Templates.

What is a bill?

A bill is a legal document made by a seller to the consumer or purchaser stating that on a particular date, locality and for a particular sum of money, the seller sold to the consumer a particular item for which he had lawful possession. Before the advent of computers and internet, billing invoices were done by hand. Hand written bills lack professionalism and may even be hard to read depending upon the handwriting of the seller. Being a cumbersome process the seller may even lack details making it less trustworthy. A proper billing invoice template is a solution to all these problems.

Significance of billing templates

A billing invoice template is basically a printable invoice for billing purposes that has room for detailed information and prices. It gives details to the customer about the commodity purchased and the price of the same. All one has to do is to enter relevant details in the customer invoice template and sum up the bill. A computerized billing system like this will make your business more professional. It not only helps in building up an image in front of the customer but also helps in managing customer account, product, invoice and payment with ease.

An ideal billing invoice contains details of the items sold, information about the seller, information about the buyer or customer and signature of both the seller and the customer. Whether it is a manufacturing firm, retail, distributor or a service based business, it should contain preliminary information relating to the name of the organization, address, telephone number, fax number, website if any, email address and name of the business owner or owners. It should be followed by details of the client and details of the purchase made.

It is mandatory that a billing invoice be provided to the customer on the sale of a commodity or service. If there is any breach of contract, legal actions can be taken on the basis of the bill. It is an important legal document and will stand in the court of law.

Nowadays innumerable websites are available that provide free provision for downloading a billing invoice template. A billing invoice template helps in year-end book keeping, making the work of accountant and auditors lot easier. It maintains accurate records or information which helps in reducing time and money in the long term. One can easily figure out in a glance which part of the billing accounts for what. It can be used for invoice tracking, customer account management and general billing.

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