The healthcare situation in this country would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic and sad. Every day millions of families have to choose between having coverage and not having coverage because the rates continue to go up just for decent health care. If anyone can afford a decent package they have to also consider other problems like rate increase, prescription drugs that have high deductibles and much more. Many people chose to take a job that pays less just because they offer better health benefits than another job. To have good coverage for an entire family a person may have to spend close to $ 1,000 a month.

Coverage should not be based on how much money a person can make. Health care companies can charge what they want while the average person has to make the tough decision on whether to have coverage. There are signs of improvement however, companies have offered small packages with basic plans, and government assistance is improving as well. If you do your home work you can look at each package from different companies and try to make the best decision possible. The best package may not always be the most expensive and you also have to take into account what type of insurance your doctor will take. Finding a good price is a key to monthly budgeting and making sure you can afford to pay your monthly expenses.

Along with these decisions you should also take the time to check on your credit score. Budgeting on things like health insurance and making sure you have a good score can help save you hundreds of dollars each month, that kind of savings adds up over the course of a year. If you have a poor score you can look into credit repair companies. Credit repair is an affordable and fast process that fixes your score in a matter of weeks.

By David George

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