Competition is rife in today’s business world, and worse the environment is steadily becoming more competitive and hostile to young and upcoming businesses. To survive this cut throat environment businesses have been forced to develop more advanced methods of tackling day to day business problems, which are a part of the normal business happenings.

The current financial situation requires a more pro-active as opposed to a re-active approach to problem solving, a fact that most businesses have to come to terms with early if they are to survive. The situation has become so serious that businesses are developing solutions for problem they anticipate even before they start operations.

There are several online and downloadable solutions to help the young or even well established business in combating some of the problems and challenges in the business environment. The main things to consider are that these solutions should ideally be custom built for the business taking into account that no two businesses are alike in terms of the solutions that suit their needs. The second thing to consider is timing; applying the right solution may be critical, but applying it at the right time to the right problem is equally important.

One such solution is the business invoice. The business invoice is a document setting out the details of goods or services sold to a customer, and the amount of money owed and the details of the terms of the sale. It may also include terms of the sale such as COD or the number of days of credit allowed.

The purpose of the business invoice is twofold. The first is to provide a convenient way for you to monitor your sales vis-à-vis payment system. By using a well prepared business invoice template, you can automatically generate reminders when accounts are overdue. The second function is to remind your customers the details of the transaction and the exact nature of obligations they owe to your business.


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