Among the various Components of a career counselling centre People, tools and process plays a major importance. The various aspects to be considered while setting up a counselling centre, includes people work there. The various resources that can be made available to students, and the procedure of career counselling. The variation in establishment comes when the centre is in a university, in a college, in a technical school, or in any other higher education facility.

Student population and their specific needs is an important factor keep in mind while establishing centre. Centre must be affiliated with related academic departments, and with mainstream of university/college/technical school. Benefits of having a career counselling centre at an educational place will facilitate in making better communication between students and the institutional departments. It also gives a better and wide exposure to occupational information which prepares students for cognitive rehearsal of vocational aspirations. Social support or reinforcement from counsellors or workshop members increases the efficiency of the entire system.

It is not necessary to apply all the plans and suggestions at once. If a career counselling centre is in the starting phase, some easies and important resources and ideas need to be implemented while others require a greater investment of time and/or finance. For example, during starting, students might learn about job shadowing, résumés writing and interviews handling, or community members may be invited to come as guest lecture to talk about their jobs and current career issues.

These tasks are easier to implement at starting time after proper establishment there requires knowledge, resources and tools to provide thorough system of occupational information.

The latter is a more complex task that may be developed over time with the expansion and advancement of the centre. It is also important for a counselling centre to have specific resources available all the time so that students can access information independently, which can help them in their decision-making related to their career. The amount of resources, tools available depends on the finance available with the career counselling centre as well as the availability of such resources in the market meeting the needs of the students. The kinds of books that could be used and invested upon includes those that provide information about different types of jobs, career such as educational requirements, amount of pay and descriptions of the work, eligibility criterion. It is also important that the information be up to date.

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