Mechanical engineering and Civil engineering are the two most growing and broad fields of engineering. A career in mechanical engineering and civil engineering is a dream of many. One gets reputation and status along with handsome pays in this career option. Since the world is technologically growing the need for intelligent minds is in high demand and the students who enroll themselves for these two courses serve this purpose.

Career in mechanical engineering
It is considered the broadest field of engineering which involves the production and design of tools and machines used in industries. Since machines are the backbone of any industry, mechanical engineers are in high demand and so mechanical engineering is the highest career in demand. It involves the proper function and mechanism of all the machinery, design, constructions, installation and their maintenance. Mechanical engineering plays an important part in shaping the future with the technological advancements they are involved with. One needs to have sharp skills, IT, design, analytical thinking and most importantly the ability to work as a team as the production of any machine requires team effort. They also need to have a good analysis of the market, because they have to find opportunities in problems persisting in the environment. One inclined towards using his or her intelligence in formation of technology and is ready to commit faithfully and work hard should take up this career option.

Career in civil engineering
There is need of many facilities is modern life. Civil engineering is a career option which involves the design and supervision of such facilities. These facilities spread in all aspects of life like, tunnels, bridges, buildings, highways, dams, airports, harbors, wastewater treatment plants, etc. a civil engineer is needed in all the construction projects carried out by state and central government and even the public department. They are required in real estate works and even teaching students. One can also join the Indian Engineering service by Union Public Service Commission. A career in civil engineering is a lucrative career choice which involves hard work and constant study of techniques, projects and needs of the society. There are various colleges offering this course like, IIT Chennai, IIT Bangalore, IIT Kozhikode, IIT Indore, Delhi college of Engineering, Anna University, Bits Pilani and many more.

A career in civil engineering or a career in mechanical engineering is not easy to get. One needs to work very hard and spend most of the time in research work and the production process. The ones who are ready to give there time which would promise high return on investment, should go ahead with this career option. There are many colleges providing these degrees, one need to study hard and get into these colleges so that they are guided properly.

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