The registered nurse composes a big part of the population of the health workers in the hospital industry. A registered nurse is in direct command over the licensed practical nurses as well as the certified nursing assistants. It is a tough profession but oftentimes it can also be very rewarding. It may be a job full of challenges but the high salary of a registered nurse makes up for that.

The Duties Of A Registered Nurse

Part of the duties of a registered nurse is the formulation of a patient care plan and making sure that it is executed properly by the health workers under her supervision like the nurse aide or the practical nurse. The registered nurse is not directly involved in taking care of the patient; he is just there to make a plan on how the patient can be best taken care of. Another one of his duties is to gather information about the medical history of the patient. He is also the one tasked to conduct an interview regarding the symptoms that the patient is suffering from. This will be later used by the attending physician to give an accurate diagnosis. The registered nurse is also the one who gives information as well as emotional support to the patient as well as their loved ones. While doing all these, he is also the one supervising and handing out assigned tasks to the practical nurses and nurse aides under his command.

The Salary

The salary of a registered nurse may vary depending on the job location, educational background as well as years of experience acquired. According to the statistics, the average annual salary of a registered nurse is around $ 63,000. This is just an average figure because some registered nurses earn more than that especially if they have a highly specialized job or if they have a higher degree of education like a master’s degree or a doctorate in nursing.

Educational Requirement

To be a registered nurse you need to complete the required nursing education.

The fastest degree to finish is the associate degree in nursing, which takes 2 years to complete. It is a short term program that offers both classroom lecture as well as hands-on training experience. Once you finish your associate degree, you are now qualified to apply for entry-level nursing positions. The Bachelor of Science in nursing degree takes 4 years to complete while the nursing diploma course may take 3 to 5 years to complete.

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