Being a university student is not as easy as it sounds. It is not just about studying and partying. The college fee is not the only thing one has to pay for. Most of us have to pay for our own stay and other expenses. This is why students like us have to take up casual jobs. It is the most convenient thing as the working hours are relaxed and it is not a full time affair. The experiences give you an insight into the working of the companies and help you decide your career path.

While studying in Australia, I took up many casual jobs and they really helped me in the beginning of my career. Although the jobs were of casual nature, I learnt a lot from those experiences. I started my first casual job in Brisbane as a waiter in an up market restaurant. The pay was ok but the tips compensated for it. Waiting tables was a good experience as one gets to meet so many people. The working shifts suited me completely and I was able to attend regular college. My next casual job in Brisbane was as a sales person in a clothing store. That job was an eye opener as to how things work in a store. I was allotted various basic jobs from being a sales man to managing the stock list.

One of the most challenging jobs I took up was a casual job in Melbourne. I worked as a bartender in a pub. The tips were too good and I got to socialize without paying for it. As a college student the night shifts were really taxing for me. My grades were getting affected because of late night and less sleep. After some time I had to give up that job and luckily ended with another casual job in Melbourne itself. I started managing a book store and got enough time on hand. I used to take my books at the store and used to study in the free time available.

Now, I am a graduate and am currently employed as a manager in a big store. My experiences at casual jobs helped me get a better paying job soon after my graduation. I plan to study further and be a successful business manager.

Summer internships or casual jobs during college time does not only help to make some extra dough but opens many opportunities for the future. The experiences help to make you a better employee and serve everyone well.

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