Unemployment is raging, our population is aging, and the economy is growing sicker. Dismal though our prospects might seem, this combination of factors offers ironic opportunities for people who are looking into medical careers – such as working as a medical secretary, medical technicians, or certified medical assistants.

Providing money for job training programs of all kinds has been a priority for the federal government in recent years. Much of it has been appropriated for certified medical assistant training and certification through programs offered in universities, junior colleges, and community colleges. It’s even possible to study to become a medical assistant online. Make sure that whatever certified medical assistant program you choose is properly certified.

Once you have finished coursework in the classroom or through on-line studies, you will have to get practical, hands-on experience. This means completing a “practicum,” a brief period of supervised, unpaid internship at an ambulatory health care facility.

To become a certified medical assistant you will have to take an exam administered by the Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). A certificate from the AAMA is a highly coveted professional credential, a key that will the door to career opportunities and job security. Some states will also require that you obtain a state-issued license as well.

A small, non-refundable membership fee will be required in order to join a professional association for certified medical assistants and to take the certification exam. After you’ve passed the test and gotten your certification, you will be subject to periodic re-certification, which means that you will have to make an effort to keep up-to-date on relevant professional information, and keep your skills finely honed.

There are challenges confronting anyone who seeks to obtain a job in the health care field, whether as a certified medical assistant, a medical technician, a dental hygienist, or any other role. But this is one field where the job market is actually expanding, and positions offering a good salary and benefits are widely available to those who qualify. Be advised, however, that the field is also growing increasingly competitive, and employers are holding prospective and current employees to a more exacting standard. It is estimated that the AAMA receives upward of 100 employer inquiries a day from health care institutions seeking to verify the background and qualifications of current or would-be employees. If a career as a certified medical assistant is what you seek, you must receive the proper training, the correct certification, a proper license, and keep your certification current.

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