Certified nursing assistants are enjoying full time employment, varied working hours to suit their lifestyles and paid above award hourly rates. CNA’s form a very important role in the nursing teams providing patient care under the supervision of a registered or enrolled nurse. These duties include assisting the patient with feeding, helping with daily hygiene, grooming, monitoring their general health and providing physical assistance to registered nursing staff when dealing with the patient.

By not having nursing assistants, hospitals and nursing homes would find it difficult to function effectively as registered nursing staff are in short supply and place a demand on the wages budget of each health provider. It is for this reason that CNA’s are in huge demand all over the world by hospitals and nursing homes.

To train for a certified cna position, training consists of classroom and practical components. Nearly all countries have a requirement as to the minimum training hours both in the classroom and practical modules of training. The certified nursing assistant examination will cover all points learnt through this training.

Over the years, the nursing assistants were employed on a casual basis from what was known as the casual pool. This meant varied hours during the week, called in on short notice and allocated duties that bordered outside the position description for a certified assistant in nursing.

In the past few months, certified nursing assistants are in extremely high demand now being offered full time employment, working hours that fit in with the demands of their lifestyle, being paid above award wages and allowances.

The result has been the assistant nurse can gain full time employment with a full working week receiving pay at the above award hourly rate.

In Australia at the present time there is a large demand for assistant in nursing staff both for hospitals and nursing homes simply because the hospitals and nursing homes have reached capacity in patient numbers. This is more evident during seasons of disease and illness such as the swine flu or the influenza season.

There is another factor to choose a career path as a certified nursing assistant and that is the currently employed certified nursing assistants form part of an aging workforce. It is common to find full time and casual certified assistants are over fifty years of age on average.  Institutions now demand younger assistant nurses to form part of their nursing teams. Due to the aging workforce, institutions now deal with injuries, illness and other obstacles of their aging employees when compared to a younger person.

Hospitals and nursing homes are now providing free assistant in nursing training to students so they achieve certification and will pay an hourly rate to the trainees with the view of offering them permanent employment when they have completed their studies. Nursing assistants are a very important asset to any organisation and this is recognized by providing continuing on the job training to build skills and knowledge.

To complete your CNA training it can be done through a campus, hospital, nursing home or studying online. Costs are cheapest by studying online and we show you how you can get free practical training and be paid at the same time. Not only that but there are many employment agencies that will subsidise training costs if not pay the fees in total. For the unemployed, mothers wishing to re-enter the workforce or simply those wanting a career change, there are many options available to you.

Certified CNA’s often receive a full time hourly rate from fifteen to twenty five dollars. Add allowances to this hourly rate and soon your financial position will be a lot stronger that can only benefit you and your family.

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