Child nursing degrees, like the BN at the University of Southampton, aim to create practitioners who promote, protect and improve the lives of children and adolescents who are unwell, whilst also providing support for their families.

The University of Southampton is seen as a world leader in providing academic qualifications and training in the field of Health Sciences. For example: Southampton’s new Bachelor of Nursing courses were the first in the country to be officially approved and accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

The Faculty of Health Sciences also conducts ground-breaking research, the findings of which are integrated into its courses. This gives students the benefit of the most up-to-date clinical knowledge; helping them to hit the ground running.

Whilst studying on BN child nursing degrees, students are trained to treat illness and injury and relieve suffering, using their skills of diagnosis, treatment and care. Course leavers are equipped to work in both community and hospital environments and are central to any paediatric department.

Child nursing degrees at Southampton are set out as half theory and half practice to ensure appropriate study and assessment in each. Skills and competencies are thoroughly assessed throughout all clinical placements too.

Alternatively, students can choose to undertake a four year dual-field course that gives them competence in an additional field of nursing, like mental health for example.

Child nursing degrees can unlock the perfect career for people whose interest is caring for children; from premature babies to teenagers.

Many of these children find themselves in difficult and emotional circumstances, requiring nurses with high levels of emotional intelligence.

There is currently a means tested bursary of £3,630 to help students meet the costs involved in studying on child nursing degrees.

Our BN child nursing degree course aims to produce¬†professional people who protect, promote and optimize health and abilities of children and adolescents whilst providing support for their families. Using both their extraordinary scientific knowledge and understanding of children’s unique needs, they help prevent illness and injury and alleviate suffering through their skills of diagnosis, appropriate treatment and care.

To learn more about the BN child nursing degrees at the University of Southampton, just visit the Health Sciences website at

To learn more about the BN child nursing degrees at the University of Southampton, just visit the Health Sciences website at

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